Footpath Tree Views
Trees & Hedgerows (Alex Day – 2016)

There now exists a group of ‘arbourculturalists’ in the village promoting the place of trees in and around our village with a view to maintaining and improving the ‘treescape’ of Fressingfield.

At the beginning of this millennium, Fressingfield was one of the least wooded parishes in Suffolk, but due to the work and provision of splendid new woodland around Tithe Farm and Fressingfield Hall this is changing. Yet there is much more as individuals and this group could do. The actions below over the coming months/years are some of the small beginnings that could yield ‘fruit’.

A Survey of Special Trees in Fressingfield

It would be valuable to take account of what is here already. There will be some veteran trees that need recording in the village and across the farming hinterland. There are special trees that have stories to tell, related to those living in the village now and previously. There maybe trees at risk that need protection. There are some rare species and varieties in our gardens/hedgerows/orchards that we should take note of. We would invite all residents to share their ‘special’ trees with us. We will be making use of digital maps and drone photographs to locate these trees as well as good old footwork.

Planting opportunities

Churchyard Tree
Tree in Churchyard (Alex Day – 2016)

The group will seek to finds locations within and beyond the village centre to promote planting to enhance the environmental and visual aspects of the village. This could take the form of schemes, hedgerows/amenity/locality specific plantings. Perhaps some of the roads into the village could be improved further as well as the public spaces in the village.

Community Involvement

The group would hope to engage with village organisations and groups to promote trees, perhaps at even planning stages and maintenance programmes.

If you feel that you would like to join us, in the first instance, please contact Garry Deeks, Parish Tree Warden Tel 01379 586616 or email :

What is an Ancient/Notable/Champion Tree?

If you are “stumped” over all the differing names and categories of trees that are out there, The Woodland Trust has put together a booklet describing the differences between them. Click below to view the PDF.

Ancient Tree Guide – Definitions

Previous Hedgerow Survey

Back in 2010/11, a Suffolk-wide Hedgerow survey was undertaken, with volunteers across the region taking part in mapping and recording the state of the County, logging what varieties and overall number of hedgerows were still standing. Within Fressingfield there was a small group that undertook this role, and the final Countywide reports can be found here:

Suffolk Hedgerow Survey Presentation – 2012

Suffolk Hedgerow Survey – County Map

Suffolk Hedgerow Survey – Main Document

With thanks to these volunteers, we have a great basis to start mapping what we had, see what changed and build up a database of where Fressingfield stands towards 2020.