For the foreseeable future, full parish council and committee meetings will be
held via online video conferencing using Zoom (website: Members of the
public will be able to watch and listen through a link provided. This will be with the agenda for the meeting. Links to the meeting can be made using a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or ordinary phone. The agendas will continue to be placed in advance on noticeboards and on the parish council website.

To attend a meeting check the agenda and use the web link or phone numbers provided. There will be a separate link for each meeting.The first time you use the link it may take a few minutes to install Zoom. Follow instructions on the screen. If using a tablet or smart phone you may need to download an app so allow extra time. There is no need to set up a Zoom account yourself. Members of the public will be able to see and hear councillors on the screen, or hear them on the phone. You may submit a question or speak at the meeting as you would as if it was a normal face to face meeting. The meetings will be recorded as usual.

Before the meeting

  1. The agenda will be placed on the website and on the notice boards (if possible) as normal (i.e. with three clear days of notice). This will contain the links needed to join the meeting.
  2. Any member of the public and press who wishes to attend the meeting will need to download Zoom. Please visit where you will be able to download the app. The website gives tutorials and demonstrations on how to download Zoom and how to join meetings.
  3. The clerk will upload to the website any papers to support the meeting by the day before the meeting.
  4. Members of the public are welcome (as usual) to send any questions or comments to the clerk prior to the meeting via email, text or by calling the clerk. These must be received by 5pm on the day of the meeting. The clerk will present any representations received to the councillors at the meeting.

At the meeting

  1. The Chair of the council or a committee will chair the meeting.
  2. The clerk of the council will host the meeting.
  3. Members of the public will enter a ‘waiting room’ on Zoom and wait for the clerk to approve their attendance. It would be helpful if members of the public could ‘name their videos’ so that the Chair and clerk can refer to them correctly.
  4. All attendees will be muted on entry to the meeting.
  5. Members of the public will be able to make representation during the public forum.
  6. Members of the public will be asked to ‘put their hand up’ by using the icon on Zoom if they wish to speak during the public forum.
  7. The clerk will unmute members of the public who wish to speak at the instruction of the Chair.
  8. At the conclusion of the public forum the clerk will mute all members of the public.
  9. The required standards of behaviour and discussion are the same whether in remote or face-to-face meetings. Members of the public who use or display inappropriate or offensive language and/or behaviour will be removed from the meeting to the waiting room. This includes any inappropriate backdrops on display on the video.

We have tested meeting in this way and are reasonably confident that it can provide a good experience whilst we are unable to meet in person. There may be hiccups in the process and we know that the the internet connection is not the best for everyone in the parish.

After the meeting, the council will be pleased to hear your feedback on the experience. Please email the clerk, Andy Parris. (