Central government has decided that local council’s must meet face to face in order to make any decisions. Fressingfield Parish Council does not think this is safe or practical, at the moment. Therefore it has decide to temporarily delegate decision making to the clerk.

In brief, the clerk to the council (Mr A J Parris) has delegated powers to act on its behalf in this way:-

  1. The clerk will act on any issue that cannot wait until the next parish council meeting
    As a temporary measure the clerk, as the council’s proper officer, is empowered to take all
    decisions that would normally be taken by the full council, a committee or a working group.
    The clerk will consult with a minimum of two members.
  2. Finance matters
    The clerk will agree expenditure and arrange authorisation of payments on items where the
    council has previously approved the budget to a maximum of £1,000 for all expenditure, having consulted a minimum of two councillors and the chair.
    The clerk may incur expenditure on behalf of the council which is necessary to carry out any
    repair, replacement or other work or essential project which is of such extreme urgency that it must be done at once.
    The clerk may take any action regarding minor repairs or purchases, having consulted the chair and considered her/his views. This is subject to a limit of £500 per transaction.
  3. Planning Matters
    Planning applications will be received by the clerk and responses decided by him following consultation with a minimum of two councillors at a virtual meeting.
    The Parish Council delegates authority to the clerk to request any application be referred to
    Mid Suffolk District Council for a decision.
  4. Delegation limits, record keeping and reporting
    Records will be kept demonstrating a clear trail (particularly around decision making in any
    form). All decisions will be reported at the next available full council meeting.
    Delegated actions will be in accordance with Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and in line with directions given by council from time to time and this Scheme of Delegation, and
    where applicable any other rules/regulations and legislation.
  5. The clerk will arrange for regular virtual discussion/consultation meetings on Zoom.
    These will be open meetings at which any member of the council or public can raise and
    discuss any issues. They will be publicised in the normal way for council meetings. Details of
    any planning application being considered by the clerk will be publicised at the same time. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 25 May.
  6. This scheme of delegation will end no earlier than midnight on 19 July
    This is dependent on the latest government guidelines on managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The full scheme of delegation which makes reference to the Acts of Parliament that allow the council to delegate can be found by following this link.