Fressingfield NDP LogoThe Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group (FNDPSG) has been working on the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Parish of Fressingfield. This area was officially defined in February 2018, following the Parish Boundary. After some initial meetings with various clubs and groups for some initial feedback on possible policy ideas, the first public consultation event was held in Sancroft Hall, Fressingfield over two days – Saturday 22nd September 2018 10:30am – 4pm, and Monday 24th September 2018 3pm – 8pm.

A huge thank you to all that attended and gave us feedback – it has been immensely useful and will be helping to craft our Policies for the new few months.

Sancroft Hall, Fressingfield. Consulatation 1
Sancroft Hall, Fressingfield

The event had 100 responses, which were split nearly 50/50 over the two days. Furthermore, the graph below shows the distribution of ages that attended:

Bar Chart, Age Groups that attended

This is similar to the demographics of the Parish based on Census results from 2011, and it is hoped that more people will fill out the online survey, if they haven’t had the chance to already.

The full document containing all the data, graphs and write up can be viewed here, in PDF form. All comments that were left on sticky notes are also transcribed and included, and will be further analysed, along with the map data in the following weeks and months.

Consultation Event 1 Public Round Up – PDF

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