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Update – January/February 2020



7.30 am-10.00 pm


Having passed examination and Stage One at Mid-Suffolk District Council the Neighbourhood Development Plan is ready to go to Referendum. Following referendum the plan will go to Mid Suffolk Council for approval and will be “ made”. It must then be taken fully into account by the Local Planning Authority when making decisions about all planning applications.

It has already been praised for the level of consultation which was carried out and now it is your turn to finally support it or not.

Copies of the final version of the Plan, Mid Suffolk Council Decision Statement and  Mid Suffolk Information Statement are available to look at : The Village Stores; Sancroft Hall and the Medical Centre. Please do not take away, so others can peruse. Copies of all documentation are available at

The referendum is carried out by Mid Suffolk Electoral Services and will be run as for any other national or local election. You will receive polling cards.

Please come along and vote as it is  truly a Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Any queries please contact any of the Parish Councillors or Parish Clerk.

Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan Information Sheet

Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement

Update – October 2019

Please find below the Examiner’s Final Report into the Fressingfield NDP. As you will see the Examiner’s recommendation is that the Plan proceed to referendum with her suggested modifications.

Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 Examiner’s Report

Update – August 2019

The revised Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council for independent examination.

Following the public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan held between March and May 2019, all comments received were considered by the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in June and July, and a number of changes to the draft Neighbourhood Plan were agreed.

On 16th July 2019, Fressingfield Parish Council formally agreed for the revised Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan to be submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council. The plan was submitted on 19th July 2019.

Mid Suffolk District Council will begin consultation on the Submission Version of the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan on Monday 5th August 2019. The consultation period will run to Friday 27th September 2019 and details of the consultation, copies of the Submission Version of the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan together with it supporting documents can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning page of Mid Suffolk’s website:

All comments should be made in writing to Mid Suffolk District Council using the details on the MSDC website.

Hard copies of the Submission Version of the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan together with the supporting documents of:

Fressingfield Character Appraisal; Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement

are located in the following locations:

  • The Village Stores
  • Sancroft Hall
  • The Medical Centre

Following the conclusion of the public consultation period, the Neighbourhood Plan will be formally examined by an Independent Examiner.

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