The Parish Council has set up a drainage and sewerage working group of two councillors, Di Warne and Alex Brockhurst, and four residents Andy Roberts, John Castro, Pam Castro and John Secker to focus on the long standing drainage and sewage issues facing the village .

The agencies involved in responding to the issues are : 

  • Anglian Water 
  • The Environment Agency
  • Mid Suffolk District Council Planning and Environmental Health 
  • Ofwat
  • Public Health England
  • Suffolk County Council:  Flood Risk Management, Flood reporting, Public Health 
  • Suffolk Highways
  • Suffolk District and County Councillors 
  • Suffolk Wildlife
  • The Water Council

There was a public meeting on 19th November 2019 where Anglian Water reported back from their initial survey of drainage. The working group has scheduled further meetings with Anglian Water and other agencies involved in order to get a resolution to the issues. Reports from these meetings will be published by the Parish Council. 

All residents have a part to play. It is important that residents report on flooding and sewage egress issues. It is relevant to all parts of the village. These reports build up the evidence of just how serious the issues are. 

It is easy to do at the following links:

Flooding to Suffolk County Council

River pollution to the Environment Agency; 

Egress of sewage to Anglian Water; 

It would also be very helpful if residents make a report that they send a brief e.mail to one the parish councillors to let them know they have reported an issue. This way we can record the number of complaints being logged.

Also please take time to look at the  website where there are regular updates on the drainage and sewage issues including graphic photographs.   

Flooding and Sewage Egress- Yet Again

On Friday 20th December 2019 once again there was severe sewage egress and overflow of the Beck. Three manhole covers lifted. Human waste and loo paper were clearly visible and widely dispersed over the road and walkways. They also flowed into the Beck , so polluting the water course. All of the relevant Agencies were informed.

The sewage egress was not associated with heavy rainfall, but persistent low intensity rain. In view of the mitigation proposed  regarding sewage egress we have kept a close observation on the flow times at the manhole in Low Road. Egress of sewage was first noticed at 7.30am. (but may have been occurring much earlier) At 5.30pm it was still flowing and when observed by torch light at 11.00 pm it was still flowing ( a total period in excess of 15.5hours). The next day at 11am there was still discharge from the same sewer despite only minimal short term rain. ( Total 27.5 hours- video verification available).  

Malodorus smell extended up Church Hill as far as the church and up Back Street to the Swan.

On this occasion the Beck overtopped so the contamination was widespread. The flooding occurred from the War Memorial to the Baptist Chapel.

On Saturday 21st December at Team from Claret/Anglian Water came to clean up and investigate. The overflowing chamber was full the water ammonia level was 3 ( N 0- 10). They reported that the pumping station  was working , but was overwhelmed due to high flows. A ” clean up” of three contaminated areas of highway was undertaken. ( job number 57014585)

There have now been 9 episodes of sewage egress in the last 2 years and this is the fifth since 1st October 2019.

22 December 2019

If you have any information, questions or concerns to pass on to the working group please contact  Di Warne   


Alex Brockhurst