Each year at the annual meeting of the parish council (not to be confused with the Annual Parish Meeting) one of the councillors is elected chair.

The current chair of the council is Di Warne.

The current vice-chair of the council is Nick Stolls.

Fressingfield Parish Councillors

Stuart Balmersbalmer.fresspc@gmail.com
Hilary Dayhday.fresspc@gmail.com
Garry Deeksgdeeks.fresspc@gmail.com
Philip Eastgatep.eastgate12@btinternet.com
Tom Lindsaytlindsay.fresspc@gmail.com
Nigel Luckernlucker.fresspc@gmail.com
Trevor Orchardtorchard.fresspc@gmail.com
Nick Stollsnstolls.fresspc@gmail.com
Rachael Troughtonrtroughton.fresspc@gmail.com
Di Warnedwarne.fresspc@gmail.com

Clerk To The Council

Andy ParrisThe Stooks, Feaveryears Yard,
Fressingfield. IP215PG
01379 586745clerk.fresspc@gmail.com

Village Caretaker

Cathy Tooley is the village caretaker, ensuring that the village is kept clean and tidy. You may see her walking through the village with her tools and hi vis, maintaining the pavements, verges and green spaces, and flagging up any issues that she may spot while out and about.

Suffolk County Councillor – Hoxne Division

Peter Gould07740 595375peter.gould@suffolk.gov.uk

Mid Suffolk District Councillor

Lavinia Hadingham01986 782313lavinia.hadingham@midsuffolk.gov.uk